The Purposeless Wife Blog

A Safe Space for Healing Through Transparency

Walk with me on my journey through life as a wife seeking to rediscover hope and purpose despite the pitfalls of depression and anxiety. I will be sharing tough (potentially triggering) moments as well as moments of success and growth. I’m sharing from the perspective of one who still experiences depressive/anxious moments but is actively seeking healing and wholeness.

I’ve learned that my greatest leaps in healing come from being transparent and having someone tell me they’ve experienced the same or something similar. Sooooo I decided to share through a blog in hopes that others won’t feel so alone. This is a safe space to also share in the comments or via email, if so led, or to simply feel validated in your own feelings and experiences by my words and the words of others.

We are not alone 🙂

#Freedom in Vulnerability #Comfort in Commonality


I have found peace and joy in taking pictures of nature! It relaxes me and honestly just makes me feel like I’m capable of seeing beauty and life in ways that are often overlooked or ignored. Check out my “Photo-Therapy” page soon!

Here’s a sneak peak of one of my photos!
And another 🙂

Lastly! Another “coming soon”. My online store (R’ Store) will be up a running shortly so stay tuned for that as well!

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